Ini adalah testimoni-testimoni yang diambil dari para wisatawan mancanegara yang sangat terkesan dengan keindahan pantai-pantai di Malaysia.

top10_beach_001Stunning Afternoon on Long Beach

Remember to do a bit of walking up the hill at Long Beach in Perhentian Island because you’ll be rewarded with this wonderful scenery of the beach and the rays from the afternoon sun. Tip: If you decide to watch the sunset here (also beautiful!), bring torchlight with you because the trail back is pretty darn dark!

– By Grace Liew

top10_beach_002A Gorgeous Sunset

The sunset in the small local village of Salang in Tioman Island is absolutely beautiful and a must-see! While the sun sets, almost magical-like colours explode in the sky making the scenery look like a painting, in this island off the Pahang coast. To get there, hop on a direct Berjaya Air flight from Subang airport to Tioman Island. Take a speedboat from Kg.Tekek to Salang village, which is within walking distance from the jetty.

– By Nik Radzi

top10_beach_003The Sun, Beach, Deck Chair and Me!

My idea of a holiday? To kick back and relax on a deck chair, while facing the beach in the evening sun, doing absolutely nothing and not being bothered by anyone. Pangkor Island was the perfect setting for this – I felt I was in heaven!

– By Helen Gomez

top10_beach_004Serenity in Beautiful Pangkor

I imagined the beach, coconut trees and the sun when my travel agent suggested Malaysia for an ideal beach holiday. And when I reached Pangkor Island Beach Resort, I got just that. Truly paradise!

– By Jurgen Becker

top10_beach_005Simply Breathtaking!

We were walking back to our villa after a day out at the beach and we witnessed this gorgeous sunset! My girlfriend and I spent the next hour sitting down on the grass, watching the sky change into colours hat I have never seen before. It was a humbling experience to see such natural beauty before us in Langkawi.

– By Joe Chang

top10_beach_006A Cosy Evening Dinner by the Beach

A dinner by the beach is a must! There’s nothing like a candle-light dinner and soothing sounds of lapping waves in the background as company. And it’s true; it’s utterly romantic!

– By Daisy Pinto

top10_beach_007Colours in the Sky!

Could you even imagine the sky showing off these kind of colours on a normal evening? It’s crazy! My friends and I were so totally bowled over when we looked up – in fact, it was all we did for an hour. We took a sip of our drinks every now and then but otherwise our focus was on the evening sky of Penang.

– By Rashid iskandar

top10_beach_008More Fun at the Beach

Take advantage of the water sports at most beaches in Malaysia, for that added fun to the usual splashing around the beach. The best views of course can be obtained when you opt for parasailing…especially during the evenings. You’ll have the glorious sun and all its’ colours as excellent company.

– By Leslie Neese

top10_beach_009The Great Outdoors in Langkawi

We learned while we were here in Langkawi Island that the Machincang Mountain Range is actually the oldest rock formation in Malaysia! 500 million years to be exact! So, it was great that we were lounging in the waters beside a rock formation so ancient.

– By Valerie Onh

top10_beach_010Paradise Calling!

Must go must go must go! That’s what I’ll tell anyone who comes to Malaysia for a holiday. Redang Island must be on your places-to-visit list. How can anyone say no to those clear blue waters? The water alone beckons you to the island but there are other delights as you stay on for a couple of days, as I found out.

– By Hector Alvez

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